Partner With Us

We work with many partners involved with the music industry, from Advertisers on our platform to Affiliate deals to our customers.

If you would like to partner with Carbon Studios, please contact us at partners@carbon-studios.com for more details on how we can work together as either an on site advertiser (using one or more of our Ad Spot placements), affiliate offers or other joint venture projects.

Get your message and offers out, direct to the people who want to see it and don’t worry about targeting, they are all here!

Our Ad spots on the platform include site-wide Leaderboard (international advertisers only) to HomePage blocks, SideBar ads and in-content banners/native ads.

We offer our Ad Spots to both International advertisers and more “Local” advertisers where you only need to advertise within your country/region.

We also offer Advertorial content pages and Article/Story sponsorships and the popular Member Prize Draw sponsorships.

You may be very surprised at how competitive our Ad Spot rates are!

Accessible rates to easily access an audience deeply invested in what you have to offer.


Get in touch now with your initial inquiry and get the conversation started. We don’t bite! (Well Sarah did once and that is why we can’t have nice things in the office now).

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